Map Ranking

Rascal the Cat

Rascal the Cat
Opponents defeated: 132.855.046 (3.)
Tribe: PITA

Villages (2000)CoordinatesPoints
14-Gremlin Attitude419|19910.000
14-Gremlin Countdown416|19610.000
14-Gremlin Giant422|19910.000
14-Gremlin Green425|19710.000
14-Gremlin Grid424|19810.000
14-Gremlin Holiday420|19210.000
14-Gremlin Project421|19910.000
14-Gremlin Wall426|19610.000
24-Gremlin Bullet436|22510.000
24-Gremlin Cat425|29910.000
24-Gremlin Chaos420|21610.000
24-Gremlin Circus419|20710.000
24-Gremlin Coffee416|21410.000
24-Gremlin Disaster419|21910.000
24-Gremlin Dream413|21810.000
24-Gremlin Election435|22510.000
24-Gremlin Expansion428|21910.000
24-Gremlin Fisherman416|20410.000
24-Gremlin Grin424|21810.000
24-Gremlin Hybrid411|21010.000
24-Gremlin Joke434|22510.000
24-Gremlin Lazing420|22110.000
24-Gremlin Lighthouse426|21410.000
24-Gremlin Lottery426|22410.000
24-Gremlin Mischief426|22310.000
24-Gremlin Net422|20610.000
24-Gremlin Nonsense423|21810.000
24-Gremlin Potential420|20710.000
24-Gremlin Sanctuary438|21310.000
24-Gremlin Secret417|20210.000
24-Gremlin Sensation429|22010.000
24-Gremlin Spectacle433|22510.000
24-Gremlin Stability416|21610.000
24-Gremlin Statue429|21510.000
24-Gremlin Supporter419|20810.000
24-Gremlin Thunder433|22310.000
24-Gremlin Transformation428|21310.000
24-Gremlin Treat415|21310.000
24-Gremlin Universe414|22110.000
33-Arctic Bounce399|33210.000
33-Arctic Lazing397|33310.000
33-Arctic Notebook398|33310.000
33-Fire Alert335|36710.000
33-Fire and Ice338|36610.000
33-Fire Bolt334|36310.000
33-Fire Challenge328|35910.000
33-Fire Cracker329|36110.000
33-Fire Fury330|36310.000
33-Fire Island336|36510.000
33-Fire Red328|36010.000
33-Fire Show336|36710.000
33-Fire Spark336|36610.000
33-Fire Starter329|35910.000
33-Fire Station333|36410.000
33-Fire Storm337|36610.000
33-Fire Trap336|36110.000
33-Firework Display336|36810.000
34-Arctic Army431|30610.000
34-Arctic Boathouse401|33010.000
34-Arctic Brew413|33110.000
34-Arctic Cat412|33210.000
34-Arctic Challenge428|30610.000
34-Arctic Cookie427|30110.000
34-Arctic Deception405|32910.000
34-Arctic Decoy430|30610.000
34-Arctic Fire407|33510.000
34-Arctic Jump400|33310.000
34-Arctic Lace413|32810.000
34-Arctic Line407|33610.000
34-Arctic Menace427|31110.000
34-Arctic Song401|33310.000
34-Arctic Wind429|30510.000
34-Arctic Zoo431|30510.000
34-Butterfly Blossom478|37610.000
34-Butterfly Blue487|37010.000
34-Butterfly Breeze487|37110.000
34-Butterfly Camp476|37510.000
34-Butterfly Challenge472|37610.000
34-Butterfly Challenger472|37310.000
34-Butterfly Chaos471|37410.000
34-Butterfly Charge487|37410.000
34-Butterfly Cheering486|37510.000
34-Butterfly Coast494|36910.000
34-Butterfly Cobweb473|37410.000
34-Butterfly Coins496|36410.000
34-Butterfly Constitution488|37710.000
34-Butterfly Coronation480|37810.000
34-Butterfly Crown481|37810.000
34-Butterfly Dance493|37410.000
34-Butterfly Design489|37610.000
34-Butterfly Dream482|37610.000
34-Butterfly Expedition481|37510.000
34-Butterfly Explorer482|37710.000
34-Butterfly Final491|36810.000
34-Butterfly Flight485|37510.000
34-Butterfly Flight492|37010.000
34-Butterfly Flutter482|38110.000
34-Butterfly Future484|37810.000
34-Butterfly Gale469|37910.000
34-Butterfly Gale495|37210.000
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Location:Causing havoc on W69

Personal text
The Rascal the Cat account on this world was co played by Rascal the Cat and Jeor.

We had some fun, we beat the pesky Robbers and now the world is done.

When the Robbers all deleted we hoped to finish #1 with 1200 villages. Seems that we eventually had to go on to 2000 villages to be sure of holding the spot. :p

Our thanks go to all the great people we played this world with - you guys know who you are. Thanks for the madness! :)

Milestone Awards - Go to the Hall of Fame
Conqueror (Level 5)

You were the second to own 1000 villages.
Score champion (Level 4)

You were the second to reach 10.000.000 points.
Conqueror (Level 4)

You were the third to own 500 villages.
Conqueror (Level 3)

You were the third to own 250 villages.
Score champion (Level 3)

You were the third to reach 5.000.000 points.
Achieved daily awards
62x Looter of the day
You plundered the most resources in this world on 05.05.2013 (759.163.254 resources)!
26x Plunderer of the day
You plundered the most villages in this world on 29.06.2012 (8.651 villages)!
14x Attacker of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as an attacker on 16.02.2013 (635.692 units)!
3x Defender of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as a defender on on 17.01.2013 (4.388.549 units)!
Achieved awards
Conquest (Gold - Level 4)
You have conquered 1.000 villages!
Death of a hero (Gold - Level 4)
While supporting other villages, 100.000 of your units died an honorable death!
Leader (Gold - Level 4)
You have already defeated 20.000.000 enemy units!
Market Guru (Gold - Level 4)
You traded resources using your market 1.000 times!
Master of the Battlefield (Gold - Level 4)
You have completely destroyed 2.500 hostile armies!
Nobles Faith (Gold - Level 4)
You have defeated 700 noblemen!
Plunderer (Gold - Level 4)
You have plundered other villages 10.000 times!
Reliable Commander (Gold - Level 4)
You have supported other players in 3.000 battles!
Robber (Gold - Level 4)
You have looted 100.000.000 resources!
Score champion (Gold - Level 4)
You have already reached 10.000.000 points!
Scout Hunter (Gold - Level 4)
You have fought off 500 scouting attacks.
Self-attack (Gold - Level 4)
You have attacked yourself and lost more than 10.000 units in a battle!
Successful noble claims (Gold - Level 4)
You conquered 100 claimed villages!
The Warlord (Gold - Level 4)
You have attacked 250 different players!
Wallbreaker (Gold - Level 4)
You have destroyed 10.000 wall levels!
Wealth comes in gold (Gold - Level 4)
You minted 50.000 gold coins!
Beloved Friend (Silver - Level 3)
You have made a total of 50 friendships!
Brothers in Arms (Silver - Level 3)
You have been a member of your tribe for 180 days!
Demolisher (Silver - Level 3)
You have destroyed 2.500 building levels so far!
Tribal Wars Birthday: The Middle Ages
Lucky fellow
The loyalty of a village was 0 after you conquered it!
You have conquered yourself!
Tribal Wars Birthday: Renaissance
Unlucky fellow
The loyalty of a village dropped to +1 due to one of your attacks!